Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Anniversary

I just have to say Happy Anniversary to my husband of four years! There are days I don't know how you put up with last week. So because I have energy today I am going to clean the house. :) And then I am going to pick up a tiny ice cream cake and Schlotzskys sandwiches with jalapeno chips that he loves for dinner. He has a BIG presentation tomorrow morning and since he hasn't come home from work until almost 8 the last few days I know he doesn't want to go out to dinner. I can clean but I know I am not up for making dinner too. My body is doing way BETTER but not that great yet.

Problem is if I am not supposed to eat chocolate what kind of ice cream cake do I buy? My silly husband doesn't like mint, or cookie dough etc. He does like cookies and cream.....that has minimal chocolate. I hope Baskin Robbins has one. :) I can have red meat up to 3 times a week so I guess I will use tonight as one. I think I need a food diary. I didn't think I ate that much red meat but I eat a lot! I grew up in the wrong house to not eat red meat, we NEVER had a meal without meat. I like chicken but it definitely is not my first choice. I need delicious chicken recipes as it has to be my first choice!

No beef, no coffee, no chocolate, and no coke make for a very sad Kerrie! At least I should lose weight I would hope. :) Ok, so here is my cleaning list:

-Mop main floor, as in entry, dining and kitchen. There are salt stains from snow and shoes.
-Vacuum Whole house, stupid me gave the dogs a rope bone. We have strings everywhere.
-Make master bed.
-Wash full sized guest sheets and remake bed.
-Finish Laundry and put away.
-Dust house
-Quick wipe down of bathrooms, my AWESOME mom cleaned them last week for me while I was sick.

Then I need to go to the grocery store (I need a card) and Baskin Robbins for cake. Hopefully my energy will last to get all this done! Since he picked up the slack while I was sick I think a clean house is the best gift I can give.


Namine said...

CONGRATS on your anniversary!!!

Good luck on your cleaning!!

Yikes I couldn't imagine no chocolate!! Good Luck :) the ice cream cake!!! SIGH I totally want one!!

Thanks for your comment the other day made my day better!

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