Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yesterday was a GOOD day!

Yesterday was a huge improvement. I felt more like myself, YAY!

First thing I drove myself down to the doctors office, and calmly let them BS and lie to me. Then I called them on it, the doctor sent a nurse out with my results probably because she didn't want me to get angry with her as well. I HATE being lied to and if anything is my resolution this year it is to not let people walk all over me. (My goal is to improve at this, there are always times you need to hold your tongue.)

Then I drove (yeah to driving again!!!) to a specialist for more tests. I will keep this doctor, he was honest (no crap) informative and also asked his staff if they could come give me some recommendations for General Physicians so I don't have to go back to the bad doctor for general problems. He set up a plan for me so that next time I can call him directly for more pain meds/if I need to go to the ER. The sad thing other than the staff and the doctor I was by far 30 years younger than the people in the waiting room. :(

After the doctor I dropped some extra veggies we had from New Years at my cousin Autumns. The specialist mentioned checking into herbal medicine and oils as they can be known to make kidney stones dissipate. It just happens my cousin is into that and is a certified Doula (which doesn't apply to me). Anyways I figured I would like to try it, maybe it will help me keep my stones at bay. So she checked several books and mixed up  some oils for me to take each day. We will see if it helps but it can't hurt and it sounds much better than taking more pills or the emergency room.

And since I am feeling better I need to pick up my house, organize from Christmas, do laundry, and make some meal lists. I need to cut red meat (max 3 times a week) and salt. I have never really dieted or adjusted my diet that much so this may be a struggle. I also need to get my quarterly business taxes done, revamp our budget (I think my medical bills are going to mess it up), and work on some custom orders that have been patiently waiting for me to get better. Cheers to 2011 for improving from it's first few days!


Namine said...

Yea to driving again and for calling bullshit! I hate bring lied to and thats one of my resolutions too! Get better soon and good luck with the budget.

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