Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New HTC Droid Incredible

I finally got a new phone Sunday! :) Yeah! That awful kidney stone day a few weeks ago was also the demise of my phone. My touch screen went bad so I switched to my old old phone (about 5 years old). Then  I realized the battery was bad and I REALLY missed having a keyboard to text.

I really did not want to increase my bill by adding data/Internet. I have had it before and it wasn't worth the extra cost. But that was before husband has an iPhone through his work. I love how seamlessly it can do just about everything but like Verizon's network. So we tested all of Verizon's smart phones and I chose the HTC Droid Incredible.

Bonus Points:
Awesome 8mp camera
Easy to use
Has features my husband wishes he had
Great locking features when off, it will not call people in my purse!
Google Maps with location so I don't need to carry my GPS. :)

We will see how happy I am next month though when my new higher bill comes in the mail. I already know I am going to HATE that part.

All I can say is the one good thing that came from that awful week is that my old phone died and got replaced by something pretty fantastic. Hope you are having a wonderful week.


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