Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A New Recipe a Week?

I am thinking about starting a new adventure! Trying one (to start) new recipe each week.

When I lived by myself and when I had room mates I cooked all kinds of new foods and ate REALLY healthy. I worked down the street from the farmers market and my dad gave me free beef (we raised our own). I ate pretty well in college, way more steaks! Now I never know what time my husband is going to come home from work so it makes it hard to plan meals as well as I am not supposed to eat much beef. I have TONS of cookbooks and I have found I have stopped bothering to try new things over the last year.

So my resolve is to start with one cookbook I already own and try at least one new recipe a week. I also have decided my sticky notes I put in my cookbooks are disapearing...I am going to be a rebel and write in my cookbooks! Why not? It's not like I am giving them away or harming them, I am making them more useful for their intended purpose.

Do you have any recipes that you recommend I try on my new adventure?


Angela Tolsma said...

Oh I am so excited for your adventure!! Seriously sounds like so much fun!! Post results and stuff.

I use to think writing in my cookbook was awful... it would wreck the look of the book and stuff. But I just really needed a place to say when I hated a recipe. So now I write in all my books, started after I made the same recipe twice and discovered we HATED IT. I actually have to say I am so glad I do. I write the date I first made it. Who tried it and their thoughts. And then like Monday when I was making out lunches I pulled out a recipe I wanted to use and realized it had been two years since I had first used the recipe. Kinda crazy... for me anyways :)

This is long sorry! :)

Kerrie said...

Thanks for the idea on writing the date! Awesome thought! I am working on picking one of my books right now to start this weekend!

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