Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Recipes Adventure, first step...find a cookbook!

I am trying to be frugal, really like I think most people these days and am starting my adventure with a cookbook I already own. That way I am not taking up space on my shelf with books I don't use and I  am only spending money on the food, which face it we need anyways.

So I am picking a great cookbook my Grandma gave me almost 5 years ago as a bridal shower gift. I know I have used it but not to it's potential. I am starting my cooking adventure with Real Simple: Meals Made Easy. Which states most meals go from oven to table in less than 30 minutes and freeze well. Perfect for a house of two where number two comes home for dinner at odd times. Namine at The Clutter Box suggested I write the date as well as notes each time I make something so I remember whether we liked it or not. Great Idea! And better than my old use of sticky notes.

I decided to start at the beginning and think I should try EVERYTHING (unless it has shredded coconut, I HATE that). If we don't try new things what is the point of this adventure? So tomorrow is the day!

We are starting with the first section ONE POT MEALS! Sounds easy! I will fill you in with pictures and what my husband and I think, our first adventure is Roast Chicken and Vegetables which says it takes 30 minutes to prepare, 1 1/2 hours in the oven and makes 4 servings....pray my oven works tomorrow! Last night I was down to only one burner working again. I cant wait until next month when I get a new gas stove. :)

I have this really cool baking dish though from Pampered Chef (another great gift from my grandma :), which by the way is an AMAZING piece of kitchenware) that I can use to cook a chicken in the microwave....I think to keep the house cool and cut down time on the recipe I will use it instead. Last time I cooked a chicken in it, total cooking time =30 min. It is a toss up of one of my favorite kitchen items. Thanks Grandma for jump starting my adventure!

I can't wait! Not sure if I am more excited for a new meal or to use my baking dish because I am cheesy like that! :)


Angela Tolsma said...

I hate coconut! Do you hate just the shredded stuff or all coconut. I think it's the most evil thing in the world (besides co-workers anyways)

Fingers crossed for your oven! I am so excited for your meal! Sounds amazing! I have seen the cook book around, so I am curious as to how many recipes you like and stuff and I might have to go grab it!

How do you cook chicken in the microwave... I never use the microwave. I have actually debated throwing it out because I hate cleaning it!

GOOD LUCK!! Have fun!

Kerrie said...

I have had Thai coconut rice that I really like but it is made with the milk. Other than that I HATE all coconut. Lol, on the coworkers!

The baking dish I linked to can fit an entire chicken in it. I went to one of those house kitchen parties years ago and the sales lady demonstrated it in the microwave. It was pricey but TOTALLY worth it. I hate cleaning the microwave as well but my husband uses it all the time. Last night he used it to heat up what I cooked since he was so late from work. :(

I bought ingredients for the first 3 meals in the book, right now they all look good.

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