Saturday, August 20, 2011

What do you do on your weekends?

I dream of doing nothing, ok not nothing. But relaxing, camping, hiking, fishing.....

When I am dreaming I miss the days we lived far away and didn't own a house. Between the house repairs and helping family I miss our old lazy weekends where we wished for things to do. Most of the house repairs are things that haven't been fixed in 27 years so I am hoping we are getting caught up.

My husband says he is caught up enough at work that he is taking the whole weekend off! Let me tell you it is VERY rare the poor guy doesn't have to go in for at least 4+ hours on Sundays. We took a trip to Home Depot this morning and bought 3 new sprinkler heads. Out of the 4 we didn't replace earlier this year 3 died this week. He also fixed a post on the front porch that was rotten and is doing something with our water pipes. I am SO grateful that he is VERY handy! I like to think I am fairly handy but I would have no clue how to do half of the things he does. So I would like to tip my hat to my husband for working hard every day in the week whether at work or at home.

Yea for a whole weekend and for things getting fixed. Now I better get back to jobs I am supposed to be working on to help him get finished. :) I cant wait until Labor Day weekend though as we are actually going up to the mountains and fishing. Yea for a break!


Namine said...

yea for a handy hubby!

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