Friday, August 26, 2011

Plate is REALLY Full

Do you ever need a day just to breath?

I am preparing for us to head to a wedding about 7 hours away. While making my list of things to get done to leave I looked at my calendar for the next few weeks. Sigh....

August 26-28- Driving/wedding/pick dogs up/driving home

Labor Day Weekend- Relax in the mountains at cabin/go to Taste of Colorado w/ friends (Remember to get my Dad's key from my Uncle and make new copies)

Tuesday after Labor Day, Sept. 6- Dr. Appointment then pick up friend from Airport at 11am

Sept. 7- Husband took day off from work, hang out with friend before he flies home

Sept. 8-11- Sister in law and family arrives Thursday evening and is staying through Sunday, my husband also took Friday off :)

Sept. 14-17 -Head up to my parents house to start my duties of final wedding prep with my sisters wedding on the 17th. My husband will come up the 16th.


Somewhere in here I need to finish my sisters dress, jewelry, and clean my house! Sometime after this wedding is over though I am getting a new fully functioning stove! That alone makes me want to jump up and down!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Namine said...

sounds like a busy few weeks!! Hope it all goes well!!

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