Friday, December 30, 2011

Busy and Lazy

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! And are geared up for a New Year!

We spent the holiday relaxing and getting little things done around our house. My husband has had the entire week off due to unused vacation time that had to be used up. We probably should have used it more productively but we have kind of lounged around the house.

There are some pretty snazzy new toys in our house right now, we are blessed. Here are our favorites:
Husband-Gun safe, garage heater, he already hung up his new fire extinguishers, beer for his fridge, music cards, and he has been wearing his slippers a lot.
Kerrie-Kindle Fire!!!!, a new torch (my husbands eyes lit up when I got this), strings of lights for the back yard, tea, music gift cards and some cute clothes.

This is boring but sadly this is what we have gotten done this entire week.

-Went to see the Christmas lights at the Zoo.
-All laundry clean and folded :) Everything ironed (I hate ironing so this makes me HAPPY)
-Curtain rod raised that has been hanging too low and driving me crazy.
-Gun safe bolted to the wall in our basement.
-Base for car seat installed in car.
-Garage organized
-Car windows cleaned and inside wiped down, still need to vacuum.
-Christmas decorations put away, minus the front porch.
-2 parts ordered for the 4-wheeler, $16 seems pretty reasonable.
-Address label list made so we can send out announcements easily.
-An entire morning buying music using the gift cards we got. I actually had a list of songs for once.
-The exercise bike and fooseball table gone. And found a home for the bar cabinets once we rip them out. I can see our basement transformation even though it is a long way off.
-Baths for both dogs
-Lots of cups of tea :) My husband put some in my stocking that is delicious!
-All but 3 thank you notes written and sent!
-Met with the life insurance agent to increase life insurance, cheers to being responsible.
-Business taxes up to date and ready to finish.
-Review of our finances and plan for the next year to pay off debt! We are farther ahead than I projected even with a Christmas splurge and extra expenses! I want to go buy some gold stars for our calendar!

Our list of things to do was much longer but I think we did pretty good. We have also frequented the Red Box machine and have been streaming movies though Amazon. This has probably been the most inexpensive vacation my husband has ever had, and the least we have spent on fuel. Since we are still trying to have a life (not be total hermits to save money) we have had more game nights/dinners at home with friends (which I prefer) and are finally catching up on excess bills created by our insurance sucking. All of these things are trivial but crossing them off our list and knowing they are done is so relaxing to me. We have three things that are at the top of my list but I feel mostly prepared for the upcoming month and that makes me breath easier. Right now 2011 is ending on a positive note and 2012 is looking incredibly promising and we can't wait.

Hope you have had a wonderful week as well! Happy New Year!


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