Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Broken Bulb :(

No new jewelry pictures today :( I knocked off one of my lamps for my photo box and broke the bulb. I didn't even finish my homework of photos that Cheryl will need for setting up the website.

I did get some great Amy Butler fabrics in the mail that I ordered to start a few early birthday and Christmas gifts. I am trying to be thrifty and creative with my gifts so they wont kill us when Christmas comes. Hopefully that works out, as I want more personable gifts this year. Colin has to work this coming Christmas and none of the guys on this job (he is based out of Denver and is working on building a hotel here is Spokane) can leave since it is supposed to be completed December 30th. :( Everyone he works with has been temporarily relocated here and has the same issue. I really wish we could move closer to home. Hopefully after this job is done!

I am thinking about making some boxers as a gift for Colin but I don't think he would like these fabrics. Well I better get back to my list since there are a ton of things I need to get done.


Brandislee said...

Love the fabric! Where did you get it all? I think the mustard lotus one would make cute boxers:)

Brandislee said...

PS- boxers... good idea!

Kerrie said...

Fabrics are from iCraftSupplies on Etsy.

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