Friday, May 22, 2009

More Adventurine and Recycled Button Earrings

Thought I would share a few new pieces that I have been hoarding to myself this week. There hasn't been time to do laundry, pack, make pieces and post pictures this week. Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything that we need to travel.

I have continued working with Adventurine this week and I sorted all my buttons for a few new Recycled Button pairs of earrings.

Faceted and Heishi Adventurine Set

Faceted and Heishi Adventurine Necklace

Closeup Faceted and Heishi Adventurine Necklace

Faceted and Heishi Adventurine Dangles

Red and Teal Button Earrings

Gray Speckled Button Earrings

White Button Earrings
I will be out of town for the holiday weekend and will not be back until June 1st. Look forward to some new pieces after that. :)


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