Friday, May 8, 2009

Some Sewing Fun Finally Finished

So Far this week has been very unproductive other than getting organized mentally and physically. This morning I took Gunther for a walk to check out some garage sales. Not much that I could use but I did buy lots of old stamps and a small orange 1937 almanac. I think they both will work great for some cheap artwork. Then I dropped off some wedding jewelry and did a little grocery shopping. But best of all I got 2 small pkgs in the mail so I could finish my laptop bag and test out the gift I sent Colin's mom (the seller AbbeyJames on Etsy sent me free samples).

BACK OF BAG-With leather dots

OUTER POCKETS UNDER FLAP-Also with leather dots

LARGE INTERIOR POCKET-There is a smaller one for my computer.

My 5 FREE samples that smell delish and are paraben free. These are from AbbeyJames on etsy.

Have a Good Weekend! Monday I promise I will have some new Jewelry! Cheryl is also going to start working on updating my logo and my website template this weekend. Yeah!


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