Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wanted: Inspiration

Last night I was laying awake in bed thinking about 2 colors, normally I have a ton running through my head. I think this was inspired my all the dandelions in our yard, but I am choosing to think it is from a tulip instead. And of course my spring coat.

I need some new inspiration, some new color combos. I used to go window shopping a lot and my Mamo (she is my grandmother) used to send me wonderful magazines and ideas she cut out while I was in college. She single handedly supplied all of my pictures for sample boards. I miss that, I never put anything together anymore.

No more whining though, I am on a mission! I can search out things not just in books but everyday. First I need to be better about ALWAYS having my camera with me for inspiration. Why not, you don't waste film and it can remember everything great you see. I am going to get another cork board for ideas, I used to have a huge one and that's all I used it for. I am not sure where it went during our numerous moves. These are such little changes that can make a huge difference in ideas. Later today I will post some new jewelry, I am still upstairs on my old computer and I haven't gone to work yet.

P.S.-I think that color combo may also be from this. Its a Royal Gramma saltwater fish, we had 2 of them in a tank with lots of other fish growing up. But these were nicknamed after my sisters. This image is from which while looking for the photo I found some great info. :)


Brandislee said...

I'll tell you what I always tell Kendra when she's whining about lacking inspiration- go to a museum or an art gallery (or a coffee house that features local art!). Nothing better to get the creative juices flowing than seeing the product of other people's creativity! Or this time of year you could see if there are any botanical garden type places in your area- are things there blooming yet?

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