Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back to work....

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Ours was super busy and I think a few naps might be needed this week. Today I am headed down to work in our basement to get a few items for some weddings done and see if I need anything for making some custom button bracelets. Those are definitely my most popular item! My favorite part is when people request custom pieces and I get to dig through new buttons. I have a couple of those coming in the mail to create this week. :) I wish I could say that my website was finished for everyone to use. It will be under construction for at least another month. My sister is my website designer and she is in France! She is with a group for 2 weeks visiting Catholic Church's and other sites and then she is off on her own for 2 weeks so she can backpack around. At first I was slightly upset she wasn't able to finish the site. Then I thought that she is doing exactly what I would like, showing me quite a bit of how things work, and I am not paying the outrageous amounts web design companies charge. Once its finished I also can run it by myself without having to pay an outrageous amount to a company for maintenance each month. That is a huge plus, I can be patient for that.

This week once I finish custom orders I am going to try posting on Etsy once a day and working on my Christmas presents. Those are both goals I really need to work on. That and Christmas is going to kill us if I don't. I also am making bibs and burp clothes for baby gifts. I got some some cute fabrics for under $3 a yard on sale and we know so many people having baby's I needed an idea. This creates a custom gift and saves me money, perfect plan. Well perfect because I had my mom here to ask questions to make them super gifts. Thanks for letting me pick your brain mom!


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