Friday, July 31, 2009

Bibs and Burps

I am still working out the kinks and waiting on some supplies for those fly fishing lanyards....they are still coming.

The last few years we have been getting tons of wedding invitation (which we still are) but now we are also getting all these baby announcements. I always want to give gifts with more thought so I am now making my baby gifts. I wondered what is useful and fairly easy if I need to whip one up fast. Bibs and Burp Cloth's of course! I feel good about sewing again and Colin I know is happy I saved so much $$$$. I don't think he cares much whether they are cute or not.
Bonus is I found the fabric on sale for $2.99 a yard. I got this jungle print as well as some brown and blue Hey Diddle Diddle....with the cow jumping over the moon. Both prints will work for either a boy or a girl so I am stitching away so I have gifts all ready to go.

Fitted burp cloth's, these are rarely seen at Target/Walmart etc. and they fit on your shoulder much better.
Here is about everything you need: Flannel fabric, batting to keep from spills transferring onto the other side, thread, scissors, chalk pencil, velcro or snaps (I ended up using snaps)

Draw your pattern and cut your pieces out (they look super small with the seam allowances).
I made mine up, the bib does use the bottom of the burp cloth as inspiration though so they go together. I am going to post a few of these on Etsy since I made 4 sets of each. For this I just opened a new Etsy account: Later today I will be posting a set or two, if there aren't any up and you would like one I am selling sets for $17 for 1 bib and 1 burp cloth.


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