Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Arrowhead Splendor

I have been waiting all morning for my camera battery to charge so I could share this.

First I better explain what the heck I was doing. Last week I got a wild hair and decided to rearrange our family room, this entailed taking my dining room table apart and putting it in the basement. :( Our current house just seems crowded with it which was fine for winter but not now. In that process it changed all my walls and created the issue of which artwork to hang. I have a TON purely because I like pictures and I never know what will work in each new house every year. Anyways I have misc. Native American artifacts that my grandfather left me. Most of them are arrowheads, earring shells, some pot pieces, grinding stones, etc. All of them were found by my great grandfather, my grandfather/brothers, my mom/sisters, and myself/sisters around northern Colorado. When he passed away he left them to me and I have always wanted to keep them at a focal point. Problem is they never went with anything anywhere in my house. Problem solved!

All the frames with the artifacts were handmade by either my grandfathers brother or my great grandfather, I don't know for sure. They used to have a white cotton batting holding everything in place which was how they have always been. It never occurred to me to change it. My genius friend Mandy came over yesterday to help me hang them and said "Hey, do you have any black fabric we could use in your stash?" Of course I did and since one frame was broken I said we could try it. I was hesitant because I think I was afraid to change it, it has ALWAYS been white. Long story short I LOVE LOVE LOVE how they turned out.

All the pictures hanging around them are ones I have taken on our moving travels around the U.S. I think the top "black" picture needs to have a wider frame but I used things I already had. After yesterday I can even say I liked our black leather couch (my husband bought it new right out of college, and I hate it). This made my day, I now have one of my favorite items showcased in my house.

Old Version which looks even worse since the glass is broken. The arrowheads look dingy in the white and all the colors in the stones are glowing in the black. :)

My parents fly in to Spokane tonight, lets see what they think. What do you think?


fletaw said...

Looks wonderful...I do agree that you need a wider frame on the one. Used to always switch pictures around depending on where we lived. I hung stuff right away to make it feel familiar, then moved it around if necessary, but usually the gut feel was pretty good!

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