Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pinch of Steam Gallon of Random

Well I should have something new made or something new and exciting to post today but alas I have nothing. We are out of steam here in WA! Perfect example is Gunther right here. I have spent the last few days power cleaning and doing laundry since my parents were to arrive last night. They changed plans and decided to drive instead. CRAZY! We will see them tomorrow when we meet in Montana to go rafting for the day. Hopefully they bring their dog because my crazy little guy misses him.

Oh well, for some reason I stayed up ALL night looking at fabric on etsy. I have several really cool ideas for Christmas gifts that I need to get started so I can have them all done. :) I should get back to being productive and figure out how much fabric I need because my scrap boxes are bursting and cant take any excess.
Yesterday I did go see "The Proposal" with a friend since our husbands weren't interested in a chick flick. It was hilarious! I think they would have enjoyed it though. We also stopped by the Gap and I don't know if all Gap's are having sales but jeans were on sale for $20 which is a steal and I was a little excited about, just a little.
This entire post was EXTREMELY random today, well just like me.
Enjoy your three day weekends! Happy 4th early just in case I am unable to hop on here because we are sightseeing around Washington State.


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