Monday, July 27, 2009

Here Fishy Fishy

I have been playing with a few new ideas the last week or so and working out what materials are needed. You can look forward to some new items a bit out of my product scope and a few within.

I have had fly fishing lanyard requests, as I really don't fly fish I have been searching for the right materials and ideas to make them something special. With a bit of input from some skilled fishermen friends I am at the point I can order what I need and get started. I even have a store in ID that would like to purchase some when they are done, he hasn't even seen prototypes yet! Yeah! Anyway that is probably as close to men's jewelry that I will ever get beyond my dads wedding ring I remade in college.

I may need to make a few extras for Christmas gifts as Colin and my dad both fly fish. I got enough materials to make 10 different versions this first time around. I am out of ideas and new small tools to put in Colin's stocking at Christmas, so he may just get fishing items this year. It's nice to use my skills for a new idea, and one that needs more technical brain power.

Sorry for the lack of photos, that makes me sad :(


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