Sunday, September 27, 2009

15 Step Handmade Tea Bag Tutorial

I have been working really hard to think of gifts people will enjoy this year and are easy/cheap to make. If you love giving homemade gifts this is GREAT, and you can enjoy your hard work during the process. Have a delicious cup of tea.

First I would like to thank LOLLYCHOPS for her great free PDF designs which I used for this.
Finished Product :) Showcasing Lollychops free print downloads for the Tea bag tag and Card.


-Loose tea
-Unbleached Muslin
-Embroidery Thread
-Small Hole Punch
-Writing Utensil
-Sewing machine and thread
-Jar or tin to put your finished bags in.
-Teacup to test out your hard work

First Off I am showing photos of all the materials along with steps you will need to complete this project.

1. Loose Tea-I bought mine at the Pike Place Market in Seattle but you can order many different flavors online. Each of my bags is 2 oz and is more than plenty to make over 10 bags per flavor. I still haven't used all of mine. Note: I have Peppermint, Chamomile, and Six Herb, they each cost under $3.00 per 2 oz. Green Teas tend to be around $9-$10.
2. Print and cut out tags on white cardstock from Lollychops free PDF designs, she has several styles available.
3. Scissors, Unbleached Muslin, Ruler, Tiny Hole Punch (I had this hole punch laying around so I am not sure the size). 4. Punch Holes in your Tea bag tags. I took a close up photo of my punch so you can have better idea of the size. If anyone knows the size would you please share. :)
5. Embroidery Thread in whatever colors you prefer, I had these in my stash but they run about $1.50 at Joann Fabrics.
6. Cut out 3" by 4" squares of your unbleached muslin.
7. Use your tiny hole punch again and punch a hole on the top of each side of your muslin squares. These holes are about 1/4" from the top and sides.
8. Cut a piece of embroidery thread about 18" long and run through the holes you punched in your muslin.9. Press down your top edge about 1/4" encasing your embroidery thread.
10. Stitch down your edge you just pressed making sure to backstitch each side.
11. Fold your bag in half and then stitch around the unfinished side and bottom as shown below.
12. Turn your bag inside out and trim the tip of the seam allowance so it doesn't peak out the top.

13. Fill your tea bag up just to the top of your stitching, press down on the tea to compact it. This will fill it up with a little over a spoon full.

14. Pull tight on your embroidery thread and knot several times. I put the bag between my knees as shown below to hold and tighten for knotting.

15. Attach your tea bag tag. I tied a knot about 5" from the bag attached the tag and tied another knot so it is stuck in place.

Your FINISHED :) I am placing the tea bags in large canning jars currently with the tags. You could use fun tins or boxes though. Note: Many loose tea companies claim airtight glass containers are better to maintain the teas flavor.


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