Thursday, September 17, 2009

Look What Arrived in the Mail

So I have been very Wasteful least I didn't create any trash. I have wasted away a huge chunk of the day looking at several new awesome blogs such as mmmcrafts who I am now infatuated with. She has TONS of great ideas and shares ALL of them. At least I can pretend to blame being wasteful on reading, reading is supposed to be good for you. I stayed up until almost 4:30 this morning to finish reading a book I started just shy of 11pm last night. Some BAD habits never seem to die, as I cant count how many flashlights I had taken away when I was a kid for this exact scenario. Colin of course made me wake up this morning and tell him about my book (he keeps teasing me that there is no way I read that fast). This is why I don't allow myself to read anymore except when we travel. I wandered to the used book store last week though and got a few intriguing books for 50 cents each, I only spent $1.62 on something I LOVE. To bad that love (obsession) gets in the way of life :(

One of my other obsessions came in the mail this afternoon and I thought I would share a few of the splashy fabrics that I ordered earlier this week. I hope everyone else likes them, all of them just make me smile. Bright happy fabrics just make my day!

Colin and I are treating ourselves to a weekend excursion in Seattle. He REALLY deserves a break since he has been working so hard. I keep wishing I could think of a project to make something nice for him since he makes it possible for me to drool over fabrics/beads and make things all day. Even when he is cranky he is a great guy! Next week he is going to be really excited! While I was in CO/NE he fixed a travel trailer for some friends of ours (Saved them over $1000) and they are getting him a gift card to Sears to put towards the snazzy impact wrench he would like. Funny thing is he already feels like they gave him a gift by letting him fix it for them.

P.S.-Thanks Aunt Fleta for being such a HUGE reason that I love books so much!


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