Friday, September 18, 2009

More Yummy Zucchini Bread

I ended yesterday by being super productive. :) My friend Mandy (who NEVER cooks) came over to help me use all those zucchini still sitting on our front porch. We made 4 batches of bread and I have enough frozen to make 12 more batches this winter. Of course just the two of us cant eat that much bread so I made mini loafs and sent a bunch with Colin to work, gave each of the neighbors some and I still have these left. Pretty sure Colin and I still cant eat 7 loafs all alone.

Mandy using my snazzy new food processor (I bought it last year but there wasn't much to use it on in Phoenix)
One 2 cup container with 11 bags behind it to use this winter. I really hope we don't move early and I have to throw it out.

I am off to pack my bag and get ready to head to Seattle. :) Colin even promised me that I could go to Ikea and he HATES that place unless they are serving ribs the day we go. Have a happy weekend!


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