Monday, September 14, 2009

The Bag Lady has a NEW Bag!

I have been referred to as a "Bag Lady" for as long as I can remember....therefore yesterday after getting my normal work done I decided to make a new bag. Remember that Amy Butler fabric I purchased quite awhile ago? Well since I bought it with the intention of making Christmas gifts I decided I should test it out. :) From my blog reading I found Made By Rae and after seeing so many bags made from her Buttercup pattern I decided to support her and buy myself a least 2 months ago. She did a FANTASTIC job writing the pattern to be easy and fairly cheap to make. Score all the way around, and it was quick as well. I made it to match that great sunglass case I made here in July.

I ordered fabric that I picked out for my sisters and sister in laws yesterday that I hope each of them will like. I am planning on making a purse for each, a sunglass case, and some luggage tags out of my scraps. Now if only I knew what to make Colin? I am still debating on making purses for my mom and mother in law. Any fabrics strike either of you?
I may be making a lot more than these as Colin is already working late. He got a temp yesterday just to help with inputting data that he is compiling. Apparently there were some snags in communication and he has spent the last few hours fixing what was messed up (she spent 8 hours imputing the info. in wrong). One of the AWESOME guys Colin works with stayed late with him to help fix it as it had to be ready for a meeting today. I just want to say thanks to Matty P! I really appreciate you helping so Colin doesn't have to stay at work until midnight.

This is going to be a long rest of the year if Colin is already needing to stay after 7 on a regular basis almost 4 months before the completion date. :( Everyone I know might be getting bags etc.


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