Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All Smiles!

Happy Day! I just imputed my books and I am completely out of the red from starting up my jewelry business. All of my supplies/displays/office needs have been covered! I am amazed since it still hasn't even been a year since I made up my mind to make this work. Things are looking super bright and shiny today!

I have been away for so long, I am still recovering from driving back to WA and rejoining my scheduled daily life. My house was a mess.....so I have been cleaning. Finally I am reorganizing my new supplies so I can function and we are working out kinks in the website template. I was hoping that my website would be ready the end of this week but we have a few issues that need resolved in order to list my jewelry onto it. Anyone that has been watching and waiting patiently I just want to say THANKS!

This month is going to be packed full of work.

Website??????no ETA :(
Creating new order for supplies (almost done)
Order new Invitations for Parties (Red sounds good for Christmas)
New Jewelry Items -I sold all my new pieces :)
New $5 items (I only have 8 left)
Restocking ornaments for Christmas
Hemming my bridesmaid dress
Custom Wedding pieces for 6 plus bride
Working on Christmas gifts

These are just a few time consuming items that I know need done before the end of this month. October I will be jetting all over the place again so I know not much will be getting done. Colin and I will be in Vegas for a wedding the middle of the month and the last week of October I will be in Kansas City, MO working on getting my BFF Joyce's reception set up. Right when I get back from MO/KS I have a show organized here in WA and I need to be ready for it before the end of this month. Sigh, I LOVE working from home but I need a helper just to get caught up. Working for myself is hard work!


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