Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Clicking my Heels

I am headed to Kansas for a few days with my parents and one of my sisters/fiance. Unfortunately Colin has very few vacation days left and wants to save them for the holidays so he can't go. At least I didn't need to find a puppy sitter for the dogs as we can't board Gunther anymore. I wish he could come though.

So instead of getting thing done I am sitting here typing on this silly blog. I need to finish laundry, pack my bag, vacuum, pick up my ornament supplies, go pick up a rocking chair for my cousins wedding gift....I know I have other things that I can't remember. :( I also am waiting for supplies for purity bracelets, they are LATE and I need them before I head out the door tomorrow afternoon. I hope they show up earlier today, that would make me breath much easier.

Either way I am psyched to see my best friend. :) I haven't seen her since last October for her wedding and reception. We are celebrating again! She got cancer when we were in college and has not gotten a clean cell count in over 6 years. Last week she finally did, so we are celebrating just the two of us. :) She also needs a pick me up as she has about a 15% chance of having kids and her sister just found out she is pregnant. Its killing her and she needs real life hugs. Every time someone asks her why she doesn't have kids its like they punched her in the stomach. I am so glad I have the opportunity to let her cry not on the phone. I wish people thought about the potential pain they cause people that can't have kids when they ask them that loaded question. All I can say is cheers for friends when you need them!

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!


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