Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bumblebee Choker

I have been super busy getting ready for the the next jewelry show. My button hunting trip yesterday was a flop. The place wasn't open AGAIN (4th time), and most of the other antique/flea market stores don't have buttons because this other store supposedly is just a button store. Due to that I will have a even smaller selection of button bracelets available. :(

Happy news is that I have created a few choker pieces. I personally have a tendency to be allergic to metals and I have more issues in the summer, therefore I am making a few pieces that have small amounts of silver and alternative methods for securing.

This set is Aragonite, Sterling, black jade, and black Czech glass mixed with black gross grain ribbon. I have a Coral piece that is similar also in the works. Sorry the picture is of lower quality, my light box is sitting on the floor since I used the table it sits on for my garage sale.
Hope everyone is having a good week, I have lots of new items in the works with another supply order on the way. :)


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