Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I am super pumped today since I have finally finished my dressers! It took me long enough! They aren't perfect but they look so much better, and match our bed. I could keep working on them but we will be moving in less than a year and I would cry if they got dinged up. When we stop moving I will sand some more and have glass cut for the tops like I would like. I kept the old knobs/pulls, first because I am cheap and it was going to be over $300 total to get the weird sizes for 4 drawers out of 11. That was so not worth it! I am really glad I kept the old ones now because they were free and they look great with our bedding.

Colin's Chest of drawers

Our Bedding (I didn't make the bed so this is all you get)

One table at the show on Sunday, there was another one to the left full of goodies.

P.S. -Fleta if you are on here do you recognize something Mamo sent to live at my house?


Anonymous said...

Yes I do! That lovely little clock. Its fun to have things around that come from other places. I still have Nana and Gramps dining room table and chairs with the original chair coverings, close to 60 years I think!

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