Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lots of Projects!

Thought I should share what I have been up to the last few days. Here are a few new button bracelets that I made yesterday and today. I also included a few of the other projects I currently have going on in our house.

White Wedding Button
Carmel Toffee Button
Black Velvet Button
Disco Glam Brown Button
Black Glam Button
Apple Blossom Button

And here are a few other things I have been doing. Below is our guest bedroom in the basement. I have been wanting a nightstand for quite awhile but hate to spend any money on a new bedroom set when it will just get beat up moving. So here is my $5.89 purchase from Salvation Army. It just required some sandpaper and some leftover paint I have been saving from painting our old headboard. :) Oh I bought a new knob that was $2.99 at Ace. Much better!
This is my other project I started forever ago. The dresser and chest in our bedroom. They are from Ethan Allan and I hate to get rid of them as they are built so well. When we lived in Michigan and I worked at a furniture store I checked out all the special order books looking for a bed frame to match. This was to no avail, the old wood stain had to have been retired in the 80's. You cant find it anywhere. So we bought a bed frame that we love and I decided to refinish the dressers to match. This decision was made almost 3 years ago now. It's about time!

My supplies came in the mail today, this next week should be super busy getting ready for Susan and Kelsey's show next Sunday. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


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