Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No my Dresser is still not done...

I'm back, well kind of. I really should be working on jewelry but other things have consumed me today, such as: making oatmeal craisen cookies (its cool outside, so the house is super cool), watering the lawn, laundry, etc. Since I am not in the mood to create and I need my workspace tables for Friday's garage sale, I think I will do other needed projects. Hence this!

I am finally back to working on my dresser. If anyone remembers I started this maybe the end of February or early March and got sidetracked. Either way I really miss my 2 drawers that I was using as guinna pigs. My bedroom misses them as well since I still have 2 boxes with socks and undergarments living in them.

Anyway I was really disappointed that none of my stains were penetrating the maple and getting as dark as I would like. I had tried 3 different versions, by the way I am not impressed with Minwax stain with Poly in it. So I finally broke down and pulled out my Minwax gel stain. I was trying to stay away from it because it can tend to look more like paint but I need those drawers. I cant stand the boxes anymore. So here is only one coat of the gel stain, not bad! I think I will sand and do one more just to have a more consistent finish and then add some poly. :) Finally the color I was going for, our bed is also an espresso finish so this works just right without buying new matching dressers or putting on 10 coats of stain.

All I can do is smile! That and after I get the stain off my hands I am going to go hang out with some girlfriends and have a few drinks. No Colin or any guys he works with! :) Not a bad day!


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