Monday, June 15, 2009

Today is Button Hunting again....

Good Afternoon!

I am supposed to be working on quite a few new pieces and heading out to find a few buttons. I have a show up here in WA the end of the month and I am a little worried that I wont have enough items for the large number of people invited. I really need to lay out a few pieces today and finally send my order in to my supplier so I can increase my stock quickly. This week and next week shall be very busy.

Oh my garage sale was very slow and so was my neighbors. Apparently the town over has a town garage sale and it was the same days. :( I allowed myself a small box of junk to come back in the house and Colin and I are donating everything else. It did allow me to treat my husband to movie tickets for "Angels and Demons" with popcorn, and then dinner and drinks with some friends at PF Changs. The bonus was we had their Great Wall of Chocolate Cake. Yum!

Yesterday we packed up our picnic basket (its beautiful, we got it as a wedding gift from Colin's aunt) and drove up to a winery above town that has live music every Sunday. The view is awesome as you look out over a cliff onto the river and town. They even have a natural small waterfall. It's five bucks to get in and you can buy a bottle of wine and bring your own food, a pretty nice date. Even better we had a few other friends to enjoy the sunset and music with. I am starting to wish we wouldn't move again, I am loving it here. 2 great dates what a wonderful weekend!


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