Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Whirlwind

Back to work...:) Pretty much like every day I am loving my job. I am increasing sales each day which makes me happy! It might make Colin happier though, that is a toss up. It makes me think how grateful I am that I have the opportunity to be able to do what I want. :) Again just happy!

This weekend was kind of a whirlwind. We cleaned the carpets Saturday morning then picked up a friend of mine from high school (my parents best friends daughter and her husband). They were a surprise for her mom's 50th birthday. They live in Georgia and like us the last few years don't get to come home very often. Her mother shrieked and cried, it was a wonderful surprise and I am glad we got to deliver them for her. Luckily they get to stay a few days. She also brought me new buttons from Georgia. :) Colin helped my dad with a project he has been putting off since Christmas. I think my mom is really glad Colin helped so it was done correctly. My poor dad isn't as meticulous with my mom's projects as with his own. I am glad we were able to help since they have helped us so much this summer.

Before all of that we picked up TWO bushels of super spicy roasted green chilies for my dad. Our car still smells like them, I think I might need to air it out for a few days. My dad made some pork green chili for us before we headed home. If you ever need to drink a whole gallon of milk its when you eat his green chili, my mouth is still burning. A good weekend! Especially because when we got home I had orders in my email.

This week I am cleaning for our house guests this weekend and continuing to make new items for an open house jewelry show the 18th. Most of the new items I have been making have sold right away so I am not ready. That is very good and very bad. I just will have to hold off listing as many items online until after the party. Sorry no pictures today as I forgot to take the camera.


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