Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Decorating Early

I am normally opposed to stores and people decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving. Probably because I like to decorate for both and Thanksgiving deserves credit too!

Well this year I am kind of breaking my own rule. I want our Christmas cards to have a photo of us in front of  our new house decorated. I measured the house and we figured out where we want lights, then I pulled out our lights to figure out what we had the most of. Nothing exciting but we are having white plain lights for the next several years with some red bows. I bought them at Ace Hardware several years ago so I could hopefully get more that match if we needed them. Since Ace is awesome they still have the same light brand. :) I only had to buy 4 more strands, we have lots of other sized bulb strands that I don't know what to do with though. So today I am getting my decorations out so I know what I can give away or keep. I like colored lights in the house so as of right now I have no clue what to do with all the extra white lights.

Colin is most likely not going to be happy that he has to put up those lights this weekend, but it was his idea for me to decorate early. Quite a few of our neighbors have already gone all out. Even if we decorate our house is not going to be even 1% as cool as those around us. All I can wonder about is where are they storing all the junk that is now on their houses/in their yards. I would really like to check out the organization for all those decorations.

Well I better get to work figuring out where to place the decorations I am about to make a mess of. I am missing a piece of garland for the mantel and a tree so that cuts out opening all the boxes of ornaments. Hope you are having a wonderful week.


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