Friday, November 19, 2010

Lengthy Dreamy Post

I keep having this dream that someone is going to knock on the door and say what do you want done to your house? Yeah right! If that ever happens....I don't really know what I would want new. For instance if they asked me what kind of cabinets I want I would have no clue. I am so used to turning the less desirable items into things we use I don't know what I would want if I had money to do anything. So of course while I am trying to sleep ideas are popping into my head, isn't that when all the good ideas come? I used to keep a sketch pad in college to draw ideas when I was supposed to be sleeping. I have to sneak out of our room so as not to wake Colin up now, he does not appreciate me drawing at 2-3am.

So my mental sketchpad says if I had money first I would have one single flooring on our main floor (dining, den, kitchen, and the laundry room), I would want a high quality wood floor laminate. I was against laminates but I kind of like it now that we have it and if you spend the money you can get a nice looking one. While doing that I would replace the banisters and stairs to look like this photo I saved from a catalog. According to my husband our banisters are not up to code and our dogs sneak through the rails because there is too much space not to mention one of our friends kids got his head stuck.

And because this woodwork is white like I have wanted I would then  paint all our trim white and the doors along with new hardware. (I am planning on this but the hardware costs $$$). Right after that I would have our family room mudjacked (they make the slab foundation level again). I have no clue how much this costs but there seems to be a lot of companies in Denver that do it. Then I would like new carpet in the family room, upstairs, and basement.

This is where I am torn, I would like to make the basement more functional which in my brain means wait but I am dreaming of unlimited funds right? So I would add a bathroom in the area that is set up for one, change the bar to be 1/4 the size it is and have a room down there. All the other houses in the neighborhood have functional basements with rooms added, not having this makes our value go down. Plus I would like a room where I design the storage for my crafts.

I also wish I could have new counter tops and sinks in the bathrooms. Subway tiles as a back splash in the kitchen (Colin can tile now, I just need to save) and crown molding around the top of the cabinets. And I forgot Colin would like his floor in the garage coated.

Whew, what I didn't mention was the paint colors running around in my head. Because of this I moved all the furniture in our master bedroom yesterday by myself. It might have also been motivated by the bruise on my leg from running into my dresser. The new arrangement is much better.

So even though I listed all the things I would like done none of them are super exciting. All of them revolve around issues the house came with really. Bad decisions, the time frame the house was built, and the woodwork not matching. The biggest undertaking is new flooring. The mismatched flooring on the main floor turned me off when we looked at the house and I know it will turn buyers off when we sell. Our carpet is in fairly decent shape but needs stretched and has some spots from the previous owners. It will need replaced at some point anyway. So because no one is probably going  to knock on our door I will just keep saving and working slowly to get these things done.

I just can't decide where to start painting the trim.....and debating if I should wait until I have enough saved for door hardware so that matches.


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