Thursday, November 18, 2010

Finally Some more Photos

I finally have the rest of those boring pictures from 2 posts ago.
Yesterday I used my birthday gift card from Colin at the Gap. Because he also snagged me some coupons to be used on Wednesdays so I got 2 sweaters and a new pair of jeans for under $73! 
 A red basket for the holidays to store our fire starters. It was a dinghy white before, spray paint is awesome! Thanks for the basket Mamo, its perfect just like you thought!
 My tiny fish tank in the Laundry room. It is a nice change while folding laundry. :)
 The new fixture in our entryway, no more dinky small gold fixture. If you look close at the door you can see the peep hole Colin put in for me. Thanks Mom for the fixture and thanks to Colin for drilling a hole in the door which was killing him.
And like I said earlier this week I broke my own rule of decorating before Thanksgiving. I am just thankful I actually have a place to put my entire nativity this year. This is the replacement of one that was stolen several years ago. I have never had a place to put it all out because its HUGE! I even put a little light in the stable to turn on at night. :)


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