Monday, November 1, 2010

Overflowing Generosity

Thought I would say a quick hello and share some pictures. Hope you had a WONDERFUL Halloween. We had so many treat-or-treaters we had to turn the light off because we ran out of candy :( The puppies were not so fond of the doorbell ringing non stop and I need to add a puppy/baby gate to my wish list, kitchen chairs do not work that well. Here is a picture of my "fake" pumpkin that I carved.
My new dining room runner. I like a LOT of color and this room was struggling. Thanks to my friend Joyce that helped me find it while I was in MO. :) Colin likes clear patterns like this due to not always seeing the colors, he even really likes it. Yeah!

And since it is going to be a long time before I ever get a new couch after getting estimates for a new furnace I bought a colorful rug for the family room. Maybe I am over the top with color but it makes me happy. Now I just need to update my pillows....Unfortunately every time we need something my couch fund takes the first hit.

And last but not least my source of nervousness/scared/amazed/grateful. If this didn't appear in my car Saturday I would have no idea what this red box is other than it has stole my ONE corner of the garage. It is a parts washer, short story the top lifts up and it cleans tools/parts. It has NEVER been used and my dads friend gave it to Colin because he already bought a bigger one. That is the largest of gifts Colin received this week but one of only many. My Grandma and Jerry brought Colin so many tools he is still grinning from ear to ear and our garage is about to burst, I had to move almost all of my tools in the house except my gardening items. Right now a shed is at the top of my NEED/WANT list, like I said no couch. :( At least I can store items under this silly washer. Colin also tried to bring the 4-wheeler parts in the house and take them in the basement to make room! It just makes me think of my Aunt Fleta and all the motorcycles she lives with because my Uncle John just keeps bringing them home.

Most of the items on Colin's want list got fulfilled this week. :) Good thing because he is getting a dress coat for Christmas from me, nothing fun this year. Walking into the garage is making me nervous, we have never owned half this much stuff and having so much is making me edgy about the future and moving. Hopefully it wears off a bit, right now I feel like spring cleaning. Thank you to everyone that has been so generous to my husband! Hope you have a wonderful week!


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