Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Tree Show and Tell

So I searched all over the place for a tree this afternoon. I looked at a TON of fake trees and even a few real ones. Since we shouldn't be moving anymore I wanted to get a fake tree. Target by far had the best selection and prices. They were out of the one I wanted that was on sale but this one was a good deal and is even 7ft tall. :)

Here are our stockings and my nice red basket, please ignore the cords on the floor, this is the cleanest this room has been since we started revamping the mantel. It is still a work in progress. :) Next year we can have some greenery on the mantel, the tree blew my decorating budget and the string of lights planned for here died. :(
 Here is a close up of our stockings, I still miss the ones that were stolen. Taking these out of the decoration box made me sad. If I hadn't spent so much time stitching our names on them I would make new bright cheery ones, I still might. Darn it that I made the Christmas tree skirt to match....anyone want a tree skirt?
 And of course I have to share the K-State Santa that is hanging out in the kitchen with my plants. This windowsill has not been hit by my paint brush....yet. It needs a good sanding job first to cover up the water stains that my plant pots are hiding.

I wanted to share some cheer as tomorrow is December 1st! Christmas lights make me happy since they are bright and colorful when everything is cold and dreary. Even Colin the Grinch helped me put the lights on the tree....decorating the tree was too much though for Sir Bah Humbug.


Namine said...

love your tree!!

thanks for the awesome comments!!

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