Thursday, December 2, 2010

Photo Break from Chaos

I thought I would share some exceptionally bad photos since I need a break from working in my craft room. Usually I make ornaments at night while watching TV, this week I have been painting on commercial breaks. Just window frames as I decided I have to start somewhere with painting my woodwork. So here is one window in the kitchen now painted to match my cabinets, no more water stains from the previous owners never sealing the wood. :) And then here is one in the dining room.
 And I have just primed the edges of the kitchen bay window, the rest will have to wait until next week.

 Chaos is our house! Here is a very small chunk of items going to Windsor, CO for a jewelry party tomorrow. The rest is laying all over the floor so I can organize it for display.
Part of the mess on the floor in my workroom. I am really glad I trained the dogs not to pick things up that aren't theirs. Every once in awhile the puppy still does in the rest of the house but not in this room, he finally knows better. :) Colin says he is going to build me a ledge for my tables so things can stay on it instead of the floor, obviously I have been keeping him too busy to get it done.
Wish us luck that we have a really good show tomorrow so I can pay myself this month and have the new computer paid off. November left my finally full business bank account very poor, not good before Christmas.


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