Thursday, December 16, 2010

Breathing at Last :)

I haven't been on much since I have been sick. :( I still am stuffed up but nothing else. Yeah!!! By the way they make Dayquil with Musinex DM....check it out if you are stuffed up and sickly. I still think it was mostly due to my allergies but this helped.

So this week once I felt better I made sugar cookies for my mom's entire class. I ate enough cookie dough to last the entire holiday season. Yummy! I also made snack mix while I was waiting on the dough to sit in the fridge. Yesterday I drove up to my parents to drop off the stove that has been living in our dining room for almost 2 months! And had lunch with my dad as he wont be back home until December 23rd due to work.

Today I am getting my eyes checked to use up what is left of our flex spending and taking my Mamo to Costco. We are going before lunch because last time we went after and ate too many samples. Hope you have had a wonderful week!

Cheers to Good Health!


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