Friday, December 17, 2010

I need Cheesy Trophy Ideas Pretty Please!!!!

I need some ideas stat! Some ideas for cheesy trophy items!

(Ignore the metal rod on the bar/ apparently we are making a foot rail...)

We have a bar stuck in the 80's club scene in our basement mixed with the 50' comes complete with black carpet accented with pink, purple, and teal marks....a bar with records encased in the top with a hot pink bumper edging....mirrors all over....and now misc. junk hanging on the walls. My so generous father keeps gifting my husband new "crap" to hang down there. Classy I tell you! :)

Anyways we are having a New Years party and my husband wants to have trophies for the dart board, Foosball table, and giant Jenga game (giant Jenga made out of 2x4's). I got put in charge of this and have NO ideas other than it needs to say something like: Ratliff's Pink Hoopdy 2010 Dart Winner/Foosball Champion/Jenga Master. I am seriously contemplating painting a chunk of wood pink and painting this in black letters. I have ZERO ideas.

(The new items for the wall light up but I haven't hung on the wall yet)

I should give a background on why we are calling our "classy" bar the Pink Hoopdy. I personally have never heard that term used for a bar until this year. When we were closing on our house the nice guy we bought from honestly was convinced we bought it because as he put it the "pink hoopdy" was so cool. Since then it has just became a joke. I really would like to make the room not "cheesy" but it definitely gets people talking. Unfortunately my husband would like to make it even cheesier by adding booths and more junk...I think I am stuck. :(

Any ideas for trophys? Please help me!


Namine said...

that's a hard one... what about getting some old record cd things or whatever they are called and using those??
thanks for your comment on my blog. I've redone it again cause it was driving me nuts!! Really appreciate your opinion

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