Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Schedule

I am sitting here thinking about cleaning....deep cleaning. I may or may not have my immediate family stay here Christmas Eve. My extended family celebrates Christmas Eve in Denver at my Dad's brothers house and since we are going to my parents the 23rd to go Christmas caroling we are not driving back up there after driving back to Denver. As we decided not to do gifts as a family this year we are doing an activity and that activity will also be in Denver.....too much driving if we drive up there 2-3 times.

So here is our tentative plan for the holidays:

-Tomorrow (Dec. 22nd) my sister Cheryl is driving home from Kansas. She is taking a layover at our house and we are making Christmas cookies.

-Thursday (Dec. 23rd) my dad flies back to Denver and should arrive at about 11am. Colin gets off work at ? time and we will head to my parents to go Christmas caroling on a horse drawn wagon, I am excited because I haven't been in 4 years and I had been every year for 24 years before that. We are staying the night at my parents.

-Friday (Dec. 24th) Colin and my dad have a project involving welding, they are both excited about it because my dad has called Colin a few times from Illinois about it. That night we will be driving back to Denver to spend the holiday with my dad's family. I am also excited about this because the last Christmas I spent with them was FIVE years ago. Not sure if my immediate family is staying or not but my guest beds will all be ready.

-Monday (Dec. 27th) My Grandma and Jerry and possibly my Aunt Robin are coming to spend a few days with us. :) Yeah! We haven't seen them since Jerry had surgery which went well.

I am not sure when we are doing our family activity (aka our family Christmas gift) but we are going to go to the King Tut exhibit and one of those Japanese steak houses where they throw your food and cook it in front of you etc. We wanted an interactive activity and my dad will even like both of those. We are still debating about going to see the lights at the Denver Botanical Gardens.

Friday December 31st we are having a New Years Party! So far I have bought all the mixers and noise makers. I still need to get food but I haven't made up my mind on all my appetizer choices yet. I also still need to make the trophies for our contests.

First I better get to cleaning.....Hope you are having a FANTASTIC holiday week!


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