Tuesday, December 7, 2010

House Updating Photos

I thought I would share some photos like I promised several weeks ago. :( Here is our master bedroom with the furniture all moved. The bruise on my leg from the old arrangement is finally gone!

 The other corner with the chair I still haven't recovered....maybe someday I will find a fabric I like.
 The pantry door in the kitchen. It looked funny not updated with the cabinets. What I am not giving you a close up on is the flooring in this closet. The past owners didn't remove the baseboard before putting the floor down....someday we can fix the almost 1/2" crack.
 My new door. :) We talked about painting the damaged old doors and updating the hardware but decided we wanted paneled doors. We both like this much better, its worth the few extra dollars.
 The new door knob, we both like the old handles but the nice little dog in the photos above knows how to open them so no handles.
Here is a photo of the old hardware and door color. I like the wood but this door is in better shape than a lot of the others. It doesn't have scratches across the front or nail holes. Hence painting all the trim white, paint covers up mistakes that we can't fix without replacing almost everything to make it match. I wish I wasn't so OCD about the contractor and past homeowners choices.

We looked at several houses I wouldn't need to do any of this (they already had) but we liked this house for the floor plan and the lot. At least this way it will slowly become what we want. Everyone thinks we will be moving (bigger house) in at least 5 years, after moving constantly for the last 5 years as long as Colin's work lets us stay I do NOT want to move.  We bought a large enough first house I don't think we need to, besides it is going to take me way longer to get things the way I would like them. Currently this house is too big for us, a small part of me misses our cracker box house we lived in before (1000sq ft) and then I remember I have my own room to make things and Colin has a huge garage. :)

I am off to finish the bay window in the kitchen. After finishing today my list for the kitchen/dining room updates gets much smaller. :)


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