Monday, December 27, 2010

Best Week Ever :)

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I sure did. :)

We got to share Christmas Eve with most of my cousins and family on my dad's side. I haven't had Christmas with them in 5 years so it was lots of fun, my immediate family minus one sister and her fiance stayed at our house that night. Colin and I have almost been married for 4 years and this is the first Christmas we have spent at home not alone. It was so nice, "Santa" put Nerf guns in our stockings and we had a war among the 5 of us. Much better than our last few Christmas'.

To top it off my husband got promoted last Wednesday and was brimming from ear to ear, we could have given him only coal and he still would be smiling. Because he was so happy he told me I could finally get new furniture! I am still doing the happy dance thinking it actually happened. One-I hate our current couch, Two-We don't ever have enough seating, Three-Since we have been married we have bought a new mattress/frame and our dining room table. Everything else (lots of it) I either inherited, was a gift from family, or I bought it at the thrift store and revamped it. As much as I love to revamp old items I REALLY wanted new family room furniture, I was not up for recovering a sofa.

So I wanted to share what I picked out.

We got this sofa with a sleeper, we tested the mattress that came with it and decided to upgrade it, sleepers are NEVER comfortable but ours will have no springs and a memory foam mattress instead. I actually would sleep on it. Now we wont feel bad about putting guests on it. We already had a full and twin guest bed but we wanted to have enough beds if Colin's family comes out. Close up the fabric is a hounds tooth weave for those obsessed with fabrics like me.

We also picked a matching love seat that looks the same as the sofa. I needed my own seat, no more competing for the couch with Colin and 2 dogs. :)

In addition we got one side chair, I kind of want another but want to wait until Colin gets the TV hung above the fireplace and I can rearrange.

In addition to this I am planning on recovering our coffee table ottoman with a coordinating cream/gray striped fabric and a smaller side chair. I am still debating on curtains and solid colored pillows to add color.

Either way this wasn't even my Christmas present! 2010 has been a wonderful year, one that has brought so many things I never expected. I can't express how grateful I am that we are not moving, we finally bought a house and my husband (who squeaks, since he hates spending money) bought me new furniture. I need to think of a really good idea for our anniversary. I think I need to pick his mothers brain because she has the BEST creative ideas, by the way Jenifer my sister Cheryl wants to "steal" you as she told me your "Walnut" present was the coolest idea.

I hope your Christmas was FANTASTIC and the end of 2010 has been as wonderful for you as it has been for us. I am looking forward to 2011 and the new things that await us in life.


Namine said...

OHHH I love love the furniture you picked!!! So pretty!! Glad you had a fabulous Christmas!! It is always nice when things go WAY better than before!!

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