Thursday, November 11, 2010

Missing Photos to Great Projects

So I was going to share LOTS of new photos but alas blogger doesn't seem up to uploading all of them today. :( So I was going to show you the snazzy new black & white bedding in my red studio. I had to cut down an old comforter to go inside the duvet and forgot to share. I also forgot to share the headboard I found for $7.50 that matches my desk perfectly. Now the room looks a little more finished.

I also was going to share my fish tank, I finally set it up again after a lapse of 6 months+. It now lives in the laundry room, and I love the glow when I walk in there. I knew I had Colin put in super strong shelves for a reason. I went with cheap tropical fish this time, no saltwater this year. Photo wont upload :(

The new light fixture in our entryway and the new one in our bathroom. The bathroom one wont be finished for at least a week though. The silly contractors that built this house had the bracket on the wall not in it and it wasn't centered so Colin says he has to replace a chunk of drywall and I will need to paint. :( As he also needs to take the mirror off to do this I think it is a perfect time for me to frame it so it looks more finished and not outdated. :) Personally I would just patch that small section and paint but he wants it done right.

My new laptop arrived yesterday afternoon. It is going to take me a little while to get things transferred. Right now I have my everyday links and my antivirus switched. This could take me awhile, I am glad most of it is on my backup hard drive.

Lots of new jewelery pics, I made a bunch of $10 items for an upcoming show the 5th of December. I sell a ton of my lower priced items at shows, I wish it was worth it to add them online. These photos also wouldn't download :(

Besides that I raked the leaves in the backyard that were covered in snow. Dug out dry wood and filled up our indoor wood pile and filled a huge bag up in the garage so we have backup dry wood. It is still snowing and they say we should get at least 6 more inches today. Yeah! I love snow!

Hopefully I get lots more accomplished as Colin's friend Shane is coming tomorrow night to hang out for the weekend. We are going to watch Wade Bowen Saturday night, I am pretty sure I have to be the DD. I will add photos as Blogger gets it's act together.

Hope you have had a wonderful week! I also have to brag that I need to buy only 7 more Christmas gifts and then I will be done! Yeah!!!!


Namine said...

the picture of your bedroom looks fabulous!! I love your bed spread! I need something like that I love the colours. Sucks that blogger wasn't working for you and won't upload pictures. Would love to see your jewelry pictgures. I see you have a website will have to check it out next.

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