Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back from the Dead

I have had horrible allergies the last few days. :( As excited as I am for spring it is not being kind to me.

 Oregon Sugar Pea Sprouts
 Some other sprouts such as squash, onions, lots of lettuce, and some marigolds.
 Our shed part way husband has been away on business all week so we haven't got the roof on yet. THANKS to my husbands parents this much happened! THANK YOU!!! If you look to the left I replanted my butterfly bushes, they have roots as big as my arms! Hopefully we didn't kill them digging them up.
And here is the toilet I thought I fixed that still has the same issues after replacing the parts. Right now the water is turned off until my husband gets a chance to look at it.

Not super exciting. Due to my husband being gone all week we are staying home for Easter so he can catch up on paperwork. :( I better check out my recipe box so we have a decent Easter meal. Have a Happy Easter!


Namine said...

oh your plants are coming right on up!!
hopefully the shed gets done soon!!

What are you thinking of making for easter dinner??
on one side I wish we were staying home for dinner on the other side I am so glad we are going out because I totally don't do huge dinners!!

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