Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Sorry I skipped out on Photo Friday and Weekly Money Checkup. We were on vacation! But sadly we are back home. :( My poor husband left before 6:30 this morning because he couldn't sleep knowing he had lots to catch up on at work.

So here is the rundown. We visited a salt mine museum 650 feet below the surface of the earth. Super cool and interesting. We got to see my husbands family, see our new nephew, and play with the other one. That little rascal has too much energy! We also left early enough so we could stop and be tourists on the way home. We stopped and looked at antiques and had lunch with some friends. It was a nice trip and we are sad it is over. :(

So I am doing laundry, trying to clean and am in the mood to de-clutter. I also need to get a few orders that I got for purity bracelets made and sent out. I am planning on going and getting a load of dirt to start filling my garden beds if I can. If not I will start tomorrow, I have a LOT of work to get done this week.

I have a feeling that I wont see much of my husband as he most likely will stay late at work. And next week he will be gone all week for training in Kansas City. I am hoping I can get his garage all organized while he is gone as a surprise. Hope you had a wonderful last few days!


Namine said...

yea for awesome vacations! salt museum sounds fantastic!! I hope you get to see your better half soon tonight

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