Friday, April 1, 2011

Photo Friday #2

It's photo Friday again. :) I thought I would share the few changes to our master, some birthday gifts, and a yard update. I haven't hemmed my bridesmaid dress yet so I haven't taken a photo to share that yet.

Master Bedroom, its hard to see but I made new covers for the accent pillows and bought lamps. It is so nice for each of us to have our own lamp. I don't know why I didn't buy them years ago. Here is a picture of it before.
Front angle, the gray is kind of overwhelming in this picture. :(
Lamps with fabric shades that have blue flowers.
Decorative self with some blue ware that I put on it.
The 3 reasons I added the blue. The blue plate was brought from Scotland by my Great Great Grandmother (we have the same birthday and this plate is one of 2 that survived coming to the U.S.) I need to buy a plant for the large pot. My Mamo gave me the pot's and I have been trying to use them all over but they just didn't work, now they do. :)
Close up of the blue plate
Update on the yard. We have a little work to do underneath the tarp but we are almost there. Cement comes tomorrow at 9:30am. Finally! Next week I am getting to work on my landscaping. :)
I know this picture looks trashy, hence all the work we are doing but look how green the grass is. Yea!
Yesterday was my husbands birthday, I decided to give him some gifts instead of just a cake. One was this nice work light I put together and the other was a gift card for itunes so he can get some music. He also got a bonus gift as we had a new nephew born yesterday morning.
My plastic garden box full of seed packets and all the seed packets/bulbs I have been hording for the backyard. All of this will get started by the 15th of April. I can't wait!

Have a wonderful Weekend!


Namine said...

Wanna come decorate my house?? I LOVE your bedroom you did a fabulous job. It looks so good!!

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