Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Frustrated Rant!

Do you ever get SUPER frustrated? If I am frustrated I am sure my husband is doubly frustrated.

The low down is that his promotion (December) has made his job consume him. He has always worked a minimum of 45 hours every week on salary. Since his promotion his hours are at least 50 hours a week. He spends a lot of time each week on the road driving between his jobs (he is a project manager for a construction company). Even though his company pays mileage for these trips there are days he never makes it to his office because he is on the road. This means he is unable to get his work done and he gets behind. This means he works at least an additional 4+ hours every weekend not including calls that he gets on his phone.

A lot of our friends work with him in other divisions or they are spouses. Several of them have asked him why he keeps getting his work load added on to. His superior has repeatedly told the VP in charge of their division that the two of them have been overloaded for the last few months and the VP is still trying to add work onto their plates. (There are people in other divisions of the company sitting around). From being friends with so many of his coworkers several are feeling like those that don't have kids are getting larger workloads. This has been mentioned by some of his coworkers that have kids. If they are noticing it then it must be an issue. I know he is good at his job and has unique work experience but there is only one of him and he is being stretched too thin.

I called him at 6:45 this evening and he still has no idea when he is going to be able to come home as tomorrow he will be on the road most of the day. Thursday he has 2 meetings, a review and Friday has a 7am meeting and a luncheon (lunch meeting). That means he will be working again this weekend.

I am frustrated because we had a vacation scheduled the end of April and they set training up for him in another state the week before and told him he would have to change it. So we had to switch our vacation. Every year he always has to carry over some vacation because he can't use it. This year he has an extra week because of his promotion. I am just frustrated. I know they are a great company (he worked for a very unethical company before) but I would like to see my husband and I know he would like to spend some time at home.

I am tired of eating dinner alone, tired of not having evenings to spend with him, and tired of not having weekends. We are supposed to be going on vacation next week and I am scared he is going to be too stressed to go for the measly 4 days.

Sorry for the rant but I feel like this has gotten so out of hand and isn't fair to him or us. How do you say something when the economy/jobs are bad?


Namine said...

OMG that sucks. I hope that work starts to slow down in a good way for him soon.

Thanks so much for your email. I'll get back to you soon. I really needed

Schürl said...

...and then your cruddy sister doesn't answer her phone when you probably just need to talk. (Sorry class until 10 on Wednesdays.)

You can give me a call today if you need.

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