Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Piece of Candy or Entire Store?

These last few months I feel so blessed. I have been like the kid in the candy store that didn't just get one piece of candy but received the entire store. Yes we have had setbacks the last few months as but life is good.

These last few years we have worked so hard to pay off my student loans, our credit card debt (mostly from school), and build up our savings. Each time we moved it would set us back, moving is expensive even when most of it is paid for. And every time we had any extra money we would put it away. Our only splurge has been traveling home to see our families the last 5 years.

Now that we have finally purchased our goal (a house) extra money is like that most awesome Christmas you can imagine. We have never allowed ourselves to really go all out until the last 2 weeks and after allocating most of our tax refund I figured it was back to being good. Well this morning my husband says "What do you think about going and buying bikes this weekend?" I was a little taken aback as we are almost back on track and almost have paid off my car and our new furniture (my recent medical bills stole that fund). Number one I was wondering where are we going to get the money to buy decent bikes? Then I remembered its March! March is the month my husband gets a bonus from work! I totally forgot because it always goes straight into our savings and is forgotten because face it that isn't much fun.

I SO feel like I have been given the entire candy store. Almost all the things that have been on my old wish/dream list have materialized the last 10 months. I feel so blessed and lucky and excited. Mostly excited that my husband who is the rock behind motivating us to be good and saving is allowing himself to have some fun. Though I don't think I am buying him a birthday gift as he now has gotten ski's and is getting a bike, I am only making him a cake. :)

After March we are getting back to our old selves. This shopping behavior is addicting!  Please note anyone that knows me personally and how much we have moved....I do NOT want to move EVER again. I haven't even included all the garage items my husband has been collecting since we moved here. Moving sounds SCARY!

Happy Wednesday!


Namine said...

Hope you get your bikes!! That would be awesome

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