Thursday, March 24, 2011

Backyard Beauties

I am resting from moving gravel yesterday. We are getting there on the yard so that the fun/pretty things can start taking place. YEAH!!!!

I thought I would share my amazon purchases that cost me $2.03 after using my free gift cards. I am a member of several survey sites that give Amazon cash or one that gives me Lowes gift cards. Personally right now I like the Lowes cards better. But this is what I ordered with my Amazon money.

A new snazzy set of gardening tools, my current shovel is plastic and it wont cut through the roots in our backyard. And I ordered some colorful bulbs for along our back fence. My budget on plants for the back yard is pretty non-existent this year since I need to put plants in the front yard (we have none). So I am excited to have a few bright colored beauties for the back.


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