Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ebelskiver's and Recipe Links

Have you ever heard of one of these? I always think they look pretty tasty on the pre-made mixes in Williams Sonoma. I have wanted one for quite awhile but wasn't going to pay $40 at the store just for the pan. The lucky girl I am had a bunch of free Amazon gift cards from doing surveys. I was saving them up to use for Christmas next year but I decided I would get our house a "breakfast gift" for under $20.

If you haven't ever seen one it is a pan for making stuffed pancake like balls. We love pancakes and I love to cook. I am not much of a breakfast person but I like to make breakfast for others.

Here are a few recipes that I found for it for free. They sell cookbooks but online recipe sites make my life easy.

Cinnamon Bun Filled Pancakes courtesy of Williams Sonoma
Bacon and Cheddar Filled Pancakes also courtesy of Williams Sonoma
Chocolate Filled Pancakes courtesy of Williams Sonoma
Apple Ebelskivers (stuffed apple pancakes) courtesy of Rachael Ray

Cinnamon Bun Filled Pancakes

These are a few of the recipes I plan on trying but if you want to see lots more go check out this page on Williams Sonoma. They have TONS of delicious recipes to try. My husband might get tired of this fast so come visit if you want to try them out.

I might have been able to resist this pan at Williams Sonoma but I always walk out with some kind of kitchen gadget. I only hope the pan I ordered is ok. I hate forking out the $$$ for Williams Sonoma but their products are usually worth the money. I love their colored cast iron pans, I think I need to save for one as they are out of my price range.


Namine said...

OMG ME LOVE!!! I like squeakled with excitement!! these sound so yummy I am definitely off to check this Micheal guy out!!

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