Friday, March 25, 2011

Photo Friday #1

I have decided that I am going to start sharing photos on Fridays. :) So here are a few around our house this week. Have a wonderful Weekend!

Maximus following me because we are working on tricks and he knows I have a pocket full of treats.
My Button shelf, I LOVE all the buttons.
East side of the dining room since I rearranged.
Entrance to the office/den off the dining room.
CLEAN Office! My husband now has a drawer to put things in.
Other side of office. Can you see the plate stand that I stuck a $ Tree cork board on to prevent paperwork laying all over the desk. Bonus I now can find my stamps.
Kitchen sink, NO dirty dishes and some nice yellow flowers.
Kitchen Windowsill with little fuzzy Easter birds hanging out.
Easter Egg Tree, these eggs are all from Germany and about half are wood and half are real eggs.
Wooden Easter Bunny hanging out in the dining room.
Baby Gift production line....this picture makes the room look like less of a disaster zone.

Back yard, my new redwood garden boxes stacked up waiting to be filled with dirt and plants. This photo left out all the huge piles of dirt and rock thankfully.


Angela Tolsma said...

oh your so organized! Love your sewing area!!

Super cute puppy!!

Kerrie said...

Thanks! I try to be organized or I would be a mess. :) Friday afternoon my husband asked if my trashcan threw up all over the floor in my sewing room. Lol :)

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