Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Bike-A Trek Skye S

We finally made it to the bike shop last night. Mostly for me. We have a GREAT trail that runs behind our backyard fence that has about 90 miles of paved trail, not including the unpaved sections around Denver. So far I have used it only about 3-4 times as I feel guilty going for a run or walk without our two dogs. 

Here is the low down I haven't truely owned a bike since I was ten. We moved to a farm and you couldn't keep your tires aired up. About the time we got a horse my dad bought foam tires for our bikes. I chose the horse and rarely had been on a bike since then (I am now 28).....long time. I learned how to ride my dads unicycle though. :)

Vine painting with little birds flying around.
In college (when I was about 22-23) my mom gave me a bike to ride to class, a really nice bike but since I had not ridden one in so long and never learned to use hand brakes I was a bit scared of it. So it sat in my entry way of my various apartments. My boyfriend/now husband borrowed it and didn't lock it got stolen with it's lock. :( Several years later we bought fairly cheap bikes at Walmart/Target while we lived in Michigan. I learned to ride better but had one instance that I slammed on both brakes and went flying and the bike landed on top of me. I have since learned the braking, it just isn't natural for me.

Vine painting all over, with small teal birds.
Fast forward we took the bikes camping and used them a lot etc. Then we moved to Phoenix, Arizona....our entire storage garage was stolen out of a gated community. Bikes were in the unit. :( Then we moved to Spokane, Washington and it was a $200 fine to ride a bicycle without a helmet. That fact and that we were saving for a house talked us out of buying bikes. Fast forward again and we are in Colorado with this great trail and camping. We wanted bikes but good bikes this time.
Gears, this style is easier to use. :)
As I am not skilled at riding one or picking a bike that fits me I needed to go to a bike store. I learned a LOT last night on how I am doing things wrong (how I sit and react, horse again) and about bikes in general. My husband though knows what he wants and the right size so he is looking on craigslist for a decent used bike. I feel that it is unfair that I got a new one but I feel more confident after talking to a professional and having everything fitted for me. I am still scared at my inability to be safe and naturally use the brakes. 
Seat that close up looks pretty fancy.
I really hope I don't ding this pretty thing up. Right now it is in our family room as we haven't built that shed in our backyard. Yea to toys! Check out this link for better pictures and information about this style of bike. I just noticed we got it for a better price than the manufacture lists. Double Yea!


Angela Tolsma said...

Oh it's so beautiful!! That is totally awesome. Super jealous!!

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